Tuesday, October 7, 2008

refueling...and picking up a few other generous map lovers along the way

So, here we are...working...and the audible stomach growling was getting in the way of the creative process. What is the go to food and drink combo for late night production? Pizza and soda of course. So a special thank you to a few of our colleagues that have joined us tonight that have provided support for tonight's event. Jenn Milyko part of the NACIS 2008 local arrangement team from Adventure Cycling Association (ACA) here in Missoula, suggested "The Bridge" for pizza... She and Chris Anderson from Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission in Florida, picked up the delicious pies. Donna Genzmer from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) has been our coffee and ice water maven tonight keeping us caffeinated and well hydrated. Susan Peschel, also hailing from UWM, and our NACIS business manager, has also provided a wake up call for one of our emergency nappers (Martha!) and is, as always willing to lend a hand with a lot of love for the team and the mapgiving effort...Joined by Jenny Marie Johnson, Map & Geography Librarian at University of Illinois, in a room nearby, they're assembling the various conference related necessities for tomorrow's morning rush on the registration table. Thank you all!

Donna and the joe...

Jenn and Chris with the pie

Susan and Jenny

UPDATE: Pizza arrives...and whoa! we forgot tables...for the food. So, the audience gives up their seats...

thigh-high buffet

in case you're wondering...the teams are hard at work while they devour the pizza...VERY HARD at work.

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