Thursday, May 28, 2009

Technology, Trends and cartographyNEXT

Invitation to participate in a special issue of Cartographic Perspectives:
Technology, Trends and cartographyNEXT.

The approach and use of maps has dramatically shifted over recent years. This free, digital issue will provide an opportunity to begin closing the gap between theory and technology. It will discuss production techniques, open source/access data & software, knowledge & empowering people through maps.

So, what types of submissions are we looking for?

critique a map: evaluating DESIGN and production METHODOLOGY, discuss or defy CONVENTIONS
review open source or open access SOFTWARE, pros/cons and what's involved to make it work
share your process for map PRODUCTION, describe your work-flow or specific style or treatment
identify sources for FREE DATA and TOOLS. do you have a favorite widget or library/data warehouse?
• what do you do best? share that KNOWLEDGE and experience
provide an EDITORIAL on your OPEN SOURCE experience (i.e., journals, software), why is it better? what are the challenges?

All submissions are due to Tanya Buckingham by August 1, revisions will be due four weeks later.

This additional fourth issue for 2009 will be released during the NACIS annual meeting in Sacramento, California, 7-10 October.

Get involved in what's NEXT.

Cartographic Perspecitives is the international journal of the North American Cartographic Information Society devoted to the study and practice of cartography in all its diversity. All content is peer-reviewed and indexed by Elsevier and via EBSCO Academic Search Complete.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Can't wait to see them...

I got a call from Tanya today saying that the batch of maps for Room to Read have been delivered to the client. The hard work of the wayfinders at XNR Productions should be up to see on the Room to Read web site soon... things are happening! More exciting mapgiving work to be featured soon...