Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am reminded of how much I love these people...

In the whirlwind of mapgiving, the planning, the production, the enormously excited reception that we had, and then the busy days of the conference following the event, I did not have time to really think about what had happened.

As things begin to settle in Madison, and I return to my daily tasks, I've had some time to process the events of the past week and several months. We have asked the Wayfinders to provide some feedback about their experience and how they see the organization of mapgiving growing and formalizing from this point. We are just beginning to read through these comments, and reliving the event through their words fills my heart. We really have something here and we will spend the next couple of weeks asking questions, and finding answers. The company where I work, XNR Productions, is extremely supportive of this mission and is supporting me in this exploration process. I couldn't be happier to have such a supportive network of people, through NACIS, XNR and the amazing group of people who participated in the kick-off event and those who have expressed interest in furthering the mission of mapgiving. The mission of cartographic and geographic education, collaboration and communication.

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