Tuesday, October 7, 2008

didn't drink the kool-aid

Margaret, while intrigued by the project she has not accepted the t-shirt and therefore departed to places unknown. Thanks for stopping by. We still love you Margaret. xo


bplewe said...

Color commentary by Brandon P and Hans v/d M:

Well, at 4 hours, they've run into the same problem every project has at about this point. The datasets they were given aren't quite as good as they thought they were. We have the solution--go out and flatten the section of Milwaukee that apparently has no streets.

Lou Cross said...

As a Milwaukeean, I object to the solution, even if Hans says you have to make reality match the map! The is another solution & I'm looking to the print team to come up with a better one!

Lou Cross said...

Sorry, that's my comment. Seems I'm logged in as Lou for some reason. --Donna