Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Putting the pieces together

The meeting with the client today was great. We are excited to get all of the information organized and start sharing it with you. We received the standard base map information (which we're very grateful to have) and some wonderful surprises too (e.g., historic photos, cultural data).

We will continue to offer you pieces of the puzzle over the course of the coming week, in anticipation of seeing the teams come together.

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nancy said...

Nice to meet you in person, Tanya. On my list to still get you (early next week):
- 'green'/sustainability stories along the trail, id'd by location
- connection of imagery along the trail covering most of trail, id'd by address or location
- description of points of interest along trail, id'd by address or location
- request vector data for the art plan maps shared with you by jpg
- send you walking trail overlays in vector
- send a digital overview presentation you could use in the intro on Oct 7th.

also happy to help assist getting additional basemap data that you are pursuing -- let me know.

I know the next 12 days or so will be lots of work in prep... thank you again, I have some idea what a great gift this all is.

Look forward to being online with you all for the big 12 hrs.