Monday, September 29, 2008

Bits and bites

In sorting through the hundreds of megabytes of data, I realized around 3 pm that I'd neglected to eat even one bite of food all day. We are excited to have so much data in-hand, yet we went on hunt to find more. Our client informed us of a group in the Milwaukee area that has an extensive collection of data.

So we searched, contacting some colleagues that might have had some more information about this data, and after a little more sleuthing, we found the data we were looking for. Now, we are working with this group to obtain, a more manageable sub-set of these data. While we want to be prepared, we must balance the desire to have more than what the teams really need to complete the maps, with having too little data, or worse, not having the right data for the job. If we get too much data, it would likley lead to unecessarily large file sizes, making it difficult to work with when trying to map the area of interest.

On the way to the fax machine I made a desperate effort of rummaging through my bag in search of something edible, as luck would have it, I found a lonely Cliff Bar (
black cherry almond) buried below a CDs, a collection of "to-do" lists, and books. I do like Cliff Bars, don't get me wrong, but It's amazing how good something can taste when it's the first thing you had to eat all day.

Once we receive this set of data (truly incredible to find all of this in one place), we will pause to ask ourselves, "To trace or not to trace?". Is it too detailed, does the detail interfere with the purpose of the map? If so, Lou and I will need to decide if this is a task that is manageable for the ten Wayfinders, within the twelve hour time frame that we have established with all of the other things we are asking them to do.

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