Saturday, August 9, 2008


What qualifies someone to be a mapgiving team member (a.k.a. wayfinder)?
First of all, you've got to be someone who loves maps enough to sit in a room with other talented cartographers for up to 12 hours working towards the common goal of creating an outstanding map for a client you've just met. Sound like fun? We're counting on it.

We'll take care of wayfinders while they're working...They'll be well fed and watered, as they embark on the challenge of collaborating with their professional colleagues...and plotting a course for project completion.

The logistics of it all: Each team member must come prepared with his or her own laptop and appropriate software, or be able to borrow one, could be a teammate, who isn't required to be working on the project at the same time. This can be coordinated with the team captain. The mapping will begin at 4 pm MDT on Tuesday, October 7, 2008, and can last until 4 am, if necessary. Team members only need to be present for their specific task, but are encouraged to hang around throughout the process.

The info, as it was sent to the captains:
"Thank you for agreeing to be a captain for the mapgiving kick-off. Now it’s time to assemble your team. Once your roster is set, you will not need to do anything until Tuesday, October 7.

A few rules and guidelines for team membership:
• Each team must have at least one student team member
• No more than two members on a team who are currently employed by the same organization
• Teams can be up to 6 people
• Team members, must have access to a laptop and necessary software
• Team members do not need to be present for the entire Kick-off, but will need to be present to complete their mapgiving expected goals (as determined by the captain)
• Mapping will begin at 4 pm on Tuesday, October 7 (orientation at 3 pm MDT) and can last 12 hours
• All team members will receive a digital copy of the final map(s)
• The final map will be given to the client to use as they wish

A bit about the client:
• State trail in Wisconsin
• Client is looking for a “snappier” map than what they currently have, would like to include things like running/biking routes, points of interest that the trail connects, as well as points of interest along the trail, mile markers
• The initial use of this product will be for an on-line map, with simple interactivity (e.g., a link to the websiteof the point of interest), there is potential for it to be used in the future as a printed product
• There will be two scales of the map, this is where the team division will be

A bit about the setup:
• We will camp out in a room within the hotel
• Internet will be available, necessary data will be provided to you at the orientation
• Food and drinks will be provided throughout the event (please alert us to dietary requirements and preferences)"
It's coming together now...

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