Monday, August 18, 2008

There is no catch.

So, I am describing mapgiving to a friend and she asks, "What's the catch?" and I shake my head and reply, "There isn't a catch...we really just want to do what we do best, because we want to make a difference for people that are in need of better maps to promote their good work and don't have the resources to commission professional work." her rebuttal, "There's always a catch."

It leaves Tanya and I asking, "Why is it often difficult to give something to someone, especially of value without this idea of a 'catch' lingering?"

mapgiving is the the thing, the place, where the unknown and the known have come together to provide a great service, a beautiful culmination of sharing our talents with those doing great work around the world, to help them to be able to do that just a little bit better.

What you have to understand about this is, everyone who participates in mapgiving benefits. Cartographers get to do something they love, they get to expand their portfolio, they get to work with other experts in the field, fostering new relationships. All cartographers are welcomed to join mapgiving and donate a few hours here and there throughout the year. This includes cartography and geography students, which would provide a place to do client work possibly for the first time. Helping to build their portfolio and experience.

The client benefits by receiving a map that is directed to his or her specifications to support the work that his or her group is doing.

Simply put...there is no catch.

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Anonymous said...

This is very exciting!
I hope it is all you imagined and more!