Monday, August 18, 2008

A beautiful Friday

Thanks to a summer schedule that has allowed it, and a generous gesture, all of us at XNR have had a rotating cycle of Fridays off through August. I spent my day away from the desk to map work on the trail. A glorious day of low humidity, light breeze and mid-70s made for a great afternoon to do a little ground truthing.

I packed up my bike and headed over to the trail, ill-prepared for the short ride I had for the day, but my lack of preparation certainly added to the adventure. I cycled through the city and found my way to the client's office where they were celebrating with a brat cookout. We met briefly, while he prepared and served food to the interns who were one their way back to school. I gathered more information from him about the project and a shared the approach the captains have decided on: one team for the print product and one for the on-line. He is quite excited.

We will plan to speak with the organization to determine a more focused list of goals for the project this month and will then begin collecting the data from them in early September.

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